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Property for sale, Laxarby

Nicely situated property near lake Laxsjön.

    • Concrete basement. Two-storey house of 86 square meters with brick walls and glass wool insulation with gypsum boards, two bathrooms and three bedrooms.
    • Winter garden attached to the house plus three sheds and two garages.
    • Renewed in 2017. Equipped laundry and hot water system Nibe.
    • Parquet and laminate floors and double glazed windows.
    • Satellite ( Eutelsat 8 W Viasat and Novelsat compatible), Fiber and  Broadband Telephony available.
    • Land of 900 square meters (1600 sq. m optional).
    • Energy Certification Class C, 55 KWh / square meter.
    • Unmortgaged property.
    • Elementary School & High School College in Bengtsfors.
    • Communications
      • Bus and Scholar Bus stop 100 m  Route 164   9 km Bengtsfors
      • Karlstad Airport 116 km via E45 and E18
      • Oslo Airport, Norway 191 km via Route 172 and E18
      • Uddevalla Ship Port Hamnterminal AB   89.5 km via Route 172
    • 730000 Swedish krone (€ 70000)
    • This building meets the requirements of the  Recommended Carbon Compliance levels
    • Energy consumption details (120 sq ms total surface)
    • https://northpropertysale.com

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